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Hi, I'm Abdi Adan

I Love designing great User Experiences and developing cutting edge and robust enterprise apps.

Software Developer & Junior Data Scientist

I am a Full Stack Web Developer with React and Django frameworks. I also develop cross platform Mobile apps with Flutter and dart. A Software developer with an innate love for writing code to solve complex real world problems. A passionate entrepreneur, with special focus on data science and providing data driven software products that drive key business decisions.


Services Offered

I offer a number of services, which comprise a variation and combination of the four below

ux/ui desing

I design modern Web and Mobile Interfaces to be used in developing application's frontend with the aim of delivering the best User Experience

Website development

I develop full stack web projects complete with frontend, backend, APIs and Intergrations and Database.

mobile development

I develop complete cross platform Mobile apps on android and iOS with moden UIs and Intuitive functionalities

Data Science Project

Developing data projects by pre-processing and cleaning data, trainning, testing of models and deploying data products.

About us

Why work with me and my team?

  • We understand that our clients' business goals are our first priority
  • We deliver on time as planned
  • Develop clean, test driven code that adheres to best practices. Projects done this way are efficient, robust and incase you want to change developers, it will not be a hassle since picking up on the design structures is standard
  • We create a winning development strategy that is focused on project completion
  • We protect your online reputation, and ensure your code is secure
  • We use version control systems that will enable us to roll back on different versions of the codebase incase of issues and to collaborate with teams from anywhere in the world
  • We have an eye for great User Interfaces and User Experiences which is a priority along with making the core functionalities work
  • We also offer cheap packages for development, Just reach out and we'll discuss the details







APIs and Intergrations





Adobe XD



SciKit Learn

Recently Done Projects


Complete Mobile App


Full-Stack Web Project (eLearning)


Full Stack Web Project (eCommerce)


Full-Stack Web (Order Management)


Full-Stack Web (Personal Portfolio)

eLearning App UI

Mobile App Project

Web Hosting SaaS

Frontend Web Project

TicTacToe Game

Mobile App Project
House-Prices Algorithm
Data Science Project (Regression)

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